Why I Left Google To Co-found with super{set}

Gal Vered of Checksum explains his rationale for leaving Google to co-found a super{set} company.

By Gal Vered, Co-founder of Checksum

In early 2022, I faced a critical decision that many Big Tech employees face: should I leave my safe and cozy job and start my own company?

My career path wasn’t the most typical. I was born and raised in Israel, served in the Israeli Navy, and joined a maritime tech startup. Then, I decided to pursue a Masters in the US and joined Google as a Product Manager after graduation.

The first few years at Google were amazing. I got to work with intelligent people, make good money, learn a ton, and leveled up in my career. But after a few years, I wasn’t learning as fast, and going up the ladder didn’t make sense if I didn’t see it as my long-term objective to stay in the company. And so I faced a big decision — what do I do next?

I approached this decision the same way I approach product decisions — with a combination of art and science.

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