Calling BULLSHIT (The {Closed} Session Bonus Episode)

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The {Closed} Session’s Tom and Vivek

Episode Summary

What’s a “fuck-it list?” Why does every VC need a time-consuming hobby other than investing? Are there any benefits to in-person collaboration, or should we all move to Zuck’s metaverse? Does more wealth beget more assholery?

Tom and Vivek jump on the pod for a special bonus episode to call BULLSHIT on VCs, CEOs, the “categorical shit,” and more. So strap yourselves in because the takes are HOT.

Episode Notes

A core value at super{set} is passion. Life is too short to phone it in. We bring our authentic selves to work and give our employees the opportunity to do their best. Yes, this extends to the podcast, too — so Tom and Vivek bring their most authentic selves to the pod this episode with some hot takes as they call BULLSHIT.

Whether it’s VCs, remote work and productivity, or fetishizing the CEO — we got the takes in this episode. Listen to what’s on Tom and Vivek’s “fuck-it list.”

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Listen to the latest episode on!



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