This post was written by Ketch Developer Advocate, Ryan Overton, as part of our #PassTheMic series.

My grandfather was in the Army during World War II. My dad was in the National Guard during Vietnam. I remember seeing my dad’s uniform proudly displayed in his childhood room at my grandparents…

This post was written by Habu software engineer, Martín Vargas-Vega, as part of our new #PassTheMic series.

I grew up in the raspberry and strawberry fields of Watsonville, California — picking America’s produce with my parents who were migrant laborers. Even before I could work in the fields myself, I…

You’ve decided to launch a business, but before you hurtle blindly into the breach, you need a bulletproof plan and a perfect pitch deck to persuade your co-founders, investors, partners, and employees to follow you into the unknown. In the third episode of The Closed Session, Tom and Vivek talk through the key elements of a coherent, convincing business plan for your new venture. Get it right, and you can dramatically increase your velocity and odds of success.

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In the second episode of The Closed Session, Tom and Vivek discuss the framework for starting your own company from scratch, and the three dimensions that should be taken into account. Today, everyone wants to be an entrepreneur, but should they? Tom and Vivek help answer the tough questions, like should you start your own company? How do you know if you have an idea worth building, and how do you translate that idea into a profitable product?

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In the first episode of The Closed Session, meet Tom Chavez and Vivek Vaidya, serial entrepreneurs and podcast hosts. The Closed Session will discuss the process of building a company, with a focus on tech entrepreneurship and innovation. Tom and Vivek share lessons they have learned, topics they find interesting and yank back the covers on what investors want. They also discuss Super{set}, their venture studio where they find, fund and build technology companies.

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